93 percent of games can be played with one finger only

Out of the 200 top grossing games on iOS and Android in October 2014, 93% of them can be played with only one finger (or your nose if you’re an Inuit), which leaves your other 9 free for things like eating greasy chicken wings from a bucket of barbecue sauce.

The marginal 7% is mostly comprised of console ports, sport licenses from 2K or EA, and racing games: NBA 2K15, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, Minecraft, Real Racing 3, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Madden NFL Mobile, 3D MMO Celtic Heroes, ROBLOX, among others. Here is a visual that says the exact same thing than the article title; but since it’s an image, now you will understand.

93 percent of mobile games can be played with one finger