Angry Birds Epic and Puzzle & Dragons Cross-Promotion Banner

Rovio and GungHo recently partnered to cross-promote Angry Birds Epic with Puzzle & Dragons, with their respective birds and monsters invading each other’s games.

What did it look like in Angry Birds: Epic?

In Angry Birds: Epic, this resulted in the creation of a themed event running from November 18 until December 1st, with portals of various difficulty appearing over the map, triggering fights against Puzzle & Dragons creatures. The more battles you won, the more medals you collected, the more coins and mastery points you could win, the more likely your cat was to die because you played Angry Birds Epic instead of feeding him, you cruel slob.

What did it look like in Puzzle & Dragons?

In Puzzle & Dragons, four new Piggy Island dungeons were unlocked in which you had to ruff feathers with the irritable birds. Puzzle & Dragons is no stranger to brand collaborations, having previously teamed up with licenses like Batman, Monster Hunter, Dragon Ball, Dragon’s Dogma, Clash of Clans, Hello Kitty and Goodbye Doggy.